Another Quality Line Marking Project.

Western Line Marking provides quality line marking services to council, private contractors and the civil construction industry. Based in Geelong, we are centrally located to service greater Geelong, Melbourne, South central Victoria and the surf coast.

We have been leaving our mark since 1995.

  • road linemarking services
  • preformed thermoplastic linemarking services
  • carpark linemarking services
  • OH&S linemarking services
  • civil construction linemarking services
  • road linemarking services

Western Line Marking

Western Line Marking provides line marking services for new road construction and road maintenance projects, car parks, OH&S warehouse and factory areas, sports courts and the civil construction industry.

We offer line marking solutions using several types of solvent or water borne paints, cold applied plastic, extruded thermoplastic preformed thermoplastic in various forms such as holding lines, directional arrows, letters, numerals and icons.

We also remove lines using black paint or long life materials, machine grinding and offer water blasting services.

Western Line Marking also supply & install reflective raised pavement markers RRPMs and non-reflective road dots.

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Line Marking Services

  • preformed thermoplastic

    Preformed Thermoplastic

  • road linemarking

    Road Line Marking

  • car park linemarking

    Car Parks

  • OmniGrip CST bicycle lane coloured surface treatment

    Bicycle Lanes

  • civil construction

    Civil Construction

  • factory warehouse

    OH&S Factory/Warehouse

  • sports courts linemarking

    Sports Courts

  • reflective raised pavement marker

    Raised Pavement Markers RPM's

  • line removal grinding

    Line Removal

Preformed Thermoplastic Specialist

preformed thermoplastic

Western Line Marking is a preformed thermoplastic specialist. Like extruded thermoplastic which is used for longtitudinal lines, preformed thermoplastic is a long life roadmarking material available for all tranverse lines, arrows, symbols, letters and numbers.

Preformed thermoplastic is applied to the road surface using heat and provides a quick, clean, consistent thickness material that is less likely to damage the road surface over time unlike some cold applied plastic materials.

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Line Marking Removal

Graco grindlazer 270

Western Line Marking specialises in the grinding removal of redundant line marking. Removal of paint, degadur or long life thermoplastic from ashphalt or concrete leaving minimal scarring - achieved through precision machines featuring cutting depth increments of 0.25mm.

Line marking removal of carpark bays, line marking upgrades or realignment projects, medium to long term roadworks requiring shifting of existing line markings and road markings. Removal of degraded line marking in preperation of new/replacement line marking.

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